Interviews&Lunch with Japanese Women

In our first activity of the day, the students were given the chance to interview multiple Japanese women over lunch. The Japanese women shared stories of where they traveled, what kinds of jobs they held, and what a normal day for them was like. It was a great opportunity for our participants to learn about women in the Japanese culture.

Cross-Cultural Workshop④

SSIP had its fourth cross-cultural collaborative workshop today with Nico. Students came with their notes from a homework assignment (in which they sat down and observed people for 30 minutes). They had many interesting findings, including observations about the clothing style difference between males and females among other data. Students went to a variety of places for observation, including restaurants, train stations, and even a maid cafe. Later, Nico gave a brief overview of anthropological interviewing methods and described his expectations for the final SSIP assignment. The students then worked together to come up with many questions for their interviews of each other later!