2-2.夏季交流プログラム Summer International Program

  • 2018年6月30日


CCW 5-6 Rather than having formal courses, the students spent the day out and about. With their Cross Cultural Workshop group […]

  • 2018年6月29日


Lecture on Film; Ghibli Museum For today, the students finally had a chance to reflect on and discuss the film, Tokyo Story, […]

  • 2018年6月28日


Special Lecture on Paris Convention and Global Environmental Problems; Lecture on Kabuki; Lecture on Business Project While t […]

  • 2018年6月27日


Japanese Tea Ceremony; CCW 5-6 Today, we gathered in the tatami mat room used by the tea ceremony club here at Showa. We bega […]

  • 2018年6月26日


Yukata Experience, Lecture on Japanese Women, Lecture on Japanese Pop Culture Ike Today was full of exciting Japan Studies se […]

  • 2018年6月23日


CCW 3-4; Homestay The only classes for today were two sessions of Cross-Cultural Workshop. Ommura-sensei began class with a f […]

  • 2018年6月22日


Today, we went to Asakusa! The Showa students met us at Kaminari-mon, the big gate that leads to Sensoji, the oldest temple i […]

  • 2018年6月21日


Today was the first Japan Studies course of the program. Over the next few weeks, students will take classes on various aspec […]

  • 2018年6月20日


Today, Nishikawa-sensei gave SSIP participants an overview of the Japanese language! Her students aided the international stu […]